Is Storing Food in a Freezer Economical?

Many American households today have one or more deep freezers designed to store food for the long term. Owning and stocking, a freezer with meals, leftovers, and meat has a variety of benefits. Depending on the type of food you are freezing, spoilage can be prevented for up to 18 months in some cases. This can help reduce the number of grocery store trips that you need to make and can help you capitalize on sale prices when they come around. A freezer is also good to helping you to take advantage of the potential savings of buying in bulk. In addition, if you lose your job or something else happens that prevents you from buying more food (or earning more money), you can likely survive for a week or more with the food stored in your freezer and your pantry.

With all the great benefits of owning a freezer, it begs the question: Is it really economical to freeze your food, especial

Why Are You Renting a Storage Unit?

I hear my friends talk about organizing their rented storage or shifting stuff from one unit to another. It really makes me wonder what the heck are they storing.

Do they have so many valuable things that they won’t all fit in their house? Is it just junk that they don’t really want anymore, but haven’t made the decision to let it go?

Anyway, my point is that the monthly fee for a storage unit can be a real drain on the budget. Pare it down, make it fit in your home, or let it go. You will save bunches of money.

I remember my husband’s grandmother moving from Ohio at age 90 to live with her daughter in Maryland. She moved reluctantly, so to soften the transition, they brought quite a bit of her furniture to Maryland and put it in a storage unit.


10 Tips for Making Money at Your Next Garage Sale

Holding a garage sale is an environmentally smart alternative to tossing your unwanted household items into a landfill. Garage sales help you promote the notion of reducing by reusing. Garage sales are also a fun way to make a little bit of pocket cash. If you have school-aged children, getting them involved can teach them valuable lessons about money management, good customer service and marketing.

1. Outline your goals for your garage sale. Why do you want to hold a garage sale? To make money? To get rid of stuff as quickly as possible? Price your items accordingly (for a quick sale, or to get the highest buck).

2. Recruit other people to help you. Ask family members, friends or neighbors if they want to host a group garage sale wit

How I Am Going Green With Energy-Saving Technology


You can choose not to believe in the hype of climate change and yet still be for a green environment. The two are not mutually exclusive. As a skeptic for years, I also believe in a clean environment and I want to have clean water and clean air and reduced noise pollution. I am also big into efficiency. If I can achieve the same results with less energy usage, that is a great plus.

– June 2017

Here Are a Few Ideas…

Over the years, I have always followed new technologies such as solar lighting and LED lights. Last year, I decided to change most of my house’s electric bulbs to LED bulbs. This has reduced my total electricity usage by about 30%.

I have reached out to my church and hope to help them c

How to Stop Blowing Your Budget Every Month

If you keep blowing your budget every month, it’s time to start prioritizing your spending. Ask yourself these questions the next time you are tempted to overspend.

1. Do I need it? Or do I want it? Before you buy something, ask yourself if the purchase will fulfill a want or a need. Needs are pretty self-explanatory: food, medications, health and wellness purchases, essential clothing for school, work, and recreation, household supplies, etc. Wants, on the other hand, are much more subjective. Wants can include things that are needs, such as clothes, but choosing to buy a designer outfit over a no-name brand fulfills a want. You want the glamour of wearing a high-fashion piece of clothing, but you don’t need to wear it t

Secret Price Codes At Costco Holiday Tips and Tricks

You Can Save Up To 66% Or More For Christmas

I have given you a few examples of items that were carried and marked down in the past. At that time I verified the current retail prices of most of these items on the internet and as you can see (look at my captions below each image) the ones I could find show a discount of around 40-60% or more off sites selling the same items like, eBay or others.

I noticed one seller offering and selling the train set for $75, your cost is only $25, that is a 66% Savings…Wow! No wonder eBay sellers are still shopping at Costco, they can still make a lot of money buying the mark-downs like these. They can also offer a 14 day money back guarantee too. If an item is returned to them, they can simply return it to Costco.

Look At Captions On Each Of The Following Images

I have attempted to find these items on the internet to help you dete

Top 10 Tips for Coupon Shopping

Effective couponing is definitely a learned skill and often those who are new to it don’t know where, or how to begin.

It took me some time to gain the experiences that I am sharing on this website, but in tough economic times I really think it is important to share info on how to obtain, organize and use coupons.

It is no exaggeration to say that couponing can play a strong role in helping to keep a family food budget in line.

Below, I have listed my top 10 tips for using coupons for grocery shopping effectively in order to save yourself time and more importantly, money:

1. Get Organized!

Spend 20-30 minutes before shopping to make a grocery list, meal plan, collect your coupons, and make sure you have