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Trump Administration make indication about the third coronavirus bill

On Saturday, the officials of Trump Administration have made their clearest indication till now that they are expecting to bring the third coronavirus bill forward which is partly going to help the industries which have been struck by the pandemic. The President had earlier in the month signed a relief bill worth $8.3 billion as it would help the states in funding of their efforts for battling and containing the virus. The House had passed the bill in the previous night which is aimed at largely protection of the individuals which offer the measures such as the enhanced benefits of employment, local food bank which funds the paid leave.

On Saturday, in a press conference, the Vice President Mike Pence had said that they have got an initial support of the $8.3 billion of the Congress and the legislation has acted on the priorities of the president.

They further said that they understand the intentions of the president and whether it is about the industry of airlines or cruise line, they are expecting to be coming back to the Congress.

Steve Mnuchin who is the Treasury Secretary has made the assurances about there being a bipartisan support for the economic relief. It is still not clear about the demand which Democrats are going to require in addition to any package which supports the two mentioned industries.

Both Pence and Mnuchin had made the reference to the ailing industry of travel which has seen the pummeling all over the world with trips being cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus and the fears which are associated with the ongoing epidemic which has restricted travel.

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