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White House announces sanctions against Iran.

On Friday, the White House has announced that it is gong to impose further economic sanctions against the country they have trading blows with, Iran. These sanctions will also be made against the government of Iran. The penalties which had been promised earlier in the week while President Trump was responding to the attack on Baghdad airbases by Iran. President Trump feels that this is going to cut a lot of money off the regime of Iran said Steven Mnuchin who is the Treasury Secretary. The restrictions are being placed as a response to the aforementioned attacks which had been conducted on the airbases which were hosting the officers from the United States. There was no harm or casualties which had been disclosed though there was some loss of infrastructure. The strikes by Iran themselves are being seen as a retaliation against the attacks made by Donald Trump which had killed the Iranian military general Qaseem Soleimani.

While speaking in the press briefing from White House, Mike Pompeo and Mnuchin had said that Trump is going to issue the executive order which will authorize any of the sanctions against the individuals which operate, own and trade with or assist in the sectors of the economy of Iran including the sectors of mining, textile, construction and manufacturing. Additionally, Mnuchin had made an outline of as many as 17 sanctions which were against the steel as well as Iron manufacturing of the country.

The restrictions are going to primarily restrict the ability of Iran to interact with the United States financial system. They have been blaming Iran and a few of their generals of masterminding a lot of terror attacks in the world.

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