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Real Estate facing the brunt of the growing coronavirus.

Du Xuekun which is a real estate agent’s sales have jumped usually after the holiday of Lunar New Year however in the year, Du was at home for one month having no income as many regions of China have been shut down in an attempt to contain the outbreak of virus.

Du is a resident of Jiaozhuo and is among the many people who have been affected by the soaring costs of the measures which have been the most extreme. When it comes to the anti-disease measures, there haven’t been any which have involved the shutting down of the entire city however a few of the businesses have been opening. The government has advised people to stay home as much as possible. Du has said that people are going to buy essential goods online without they see it but they will not be buying homes if they haven’t seen it.

The industries form the auto sales to traveling to retailing have been shut down pretty much after the curbs had been imposed beginning 23rd of January with suspension of the most access to the city of Wuhan which is an industrial metropolis of the 11 million people which is the center of this outbreak.

The restrictions of travel have expanded to the cities with over 60 million people while the curbs on the nationwide business spread. The holiday of Lunar New Year had been extended for keeping the factories and offices closed.

In the nation, there are many cinemas as well as the restaurants which have been closed and the losses have been running up to amounts which are adding up to the political distress.

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