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Donald Trump hits back at Obama for economy growth

On Monday, President Donald Trump has fired back this Monday at Barack Obama, the former president in the subtle swipe where the latter had claimed the credit for economic gains in both of the terms.

On Monday, Obama had tweeted noted that this was the anniversary of him signing the economic stimulus package in the year 2009.

He said that after the worst of recessions in the year 2009, 11 years ago, he had signed Recovery Act which had paved the way for over a decade of growth in economy and longest streak in the creation of jobs in the history of America. The tweet also had a picture of the signature.

Trump in a statement which he gave recently has countered theory that the economy has been recovering only due to Obama’s actions and it was only because Trump had done things to undo the policies of his predecessor.

The Trump campaign has said that President Trump had reversed every single policies in economy which was there in the era of Obama and also said that Biden and Obama had orchestrated the worst recovery in the economy which the modern history has seen.

The Trump campaign further added that in contrast, the lowering of taxes, deregulations and the policies of free market, President Trump has been creating the best economy in record as the unemployment levels have hit the lowest levels in the Hispanics, African Americans, veterans and disabled.

They further said that there is a growth in the paychecks and the fastest pace has been there in the low and the middle income Americans and that the criticism is only for the political reasons.

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